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About Us

Garden Activewear was born in a coastal town in Queensland, which meant we were blessed with waking up every morning within walking distance to a beautiful beach.

We refers to us, Schae & Patrick, a husband & wife team, along with our daughter Evie and dog Lamb, who have dreams to sprout change within the fashion industry and to make the world a cleaner & more equal place.

When we discovered activewear could be made with recycled products like discarded fishing nets and recycled bottles, we knew this was our chance to do our little bit for the world. 

Coupled with ethical manufacturers who look after their staff above and beyond their legal requirements, our activewear is both good for the environment and ethically made.

So you can be confident when you see the Garden Activewear logo on a pair of leggings, shorts, bras or tops, that you’re doing your little bit for the world too. 

And we hope this confidence exudes into your daily life while wearing our activewear, because the most beautiful thing a woman can wear, is confidence (and our activewear).