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Why Buy Garden?

Our slogan is Sprouting Change, and that is what we aim to do. 

With a number of new activewear brands popping up over the past few years, we wanted to be different than the others and to pride ourselves on doing our bit to change things up.. hence the slogan 'Sprouting Change'.

Every brand says that their activewear fabrics are the softest and most comfortable. We think ours is too and we are sure that you'll love each item that you order from us.

But because you get can comfy activewear from numerous different brands, we wanted to go one better to not just have soft, comfy, high quality activewear but couple that with sustainable fabrics, ethical manufacturing and much more.

Read about the main reasons (in addition to us having great activewear) why you should buy Garden:

Sustainable Fabrics

Ethical Manufacturing

Supplier Initiatives

Product Photography