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The foundations of Garden Activewear are based on Sustainability, Eco-Friendliness and Ethical Production.

Sustainable Fabrics

Garden Activewear was born when we discovered that polyester and nylon, the key fabrics used to make activewear, could be made with recycled products. 
Recycled Nylon & Polyester are made with existing plastics & materials including bottles, pre-consumer waste & abandoned fishing nets. This helps divert millions of plastic bottles from landfill each year and helps free our oceans of abandoned waste. By using existing plastics, new plastics don't need to be manufactured using petroleum & water, which minimises the amount of greenhouse gases are emitted during the production process. 

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Why use recycled products in our fabrics to then just ship them to you in plastic?

All our shipping bags are certified compostable complying to Australian & International requirements and are made predominately from plants and other earth-friendly products. 

Ethical Production

Our earth-friendly focus also extends to the people on our planet and those who manufacture our products. 

All of our products are made in Bali, Indonesia, by a western owned manufacturer. The staff who make your activewear are paid well above minimum wage (and receive an extra month pay per year), receive a free hot meal each day for lunch and provided with free medical insurance, which is also extended to their spouse & children and covers doctors fees, prescribed medications & hospitalisation. If the staff choose to work overtime when offered, they receive double & triple pay depending on hours worked.  

On top of what they do for their staff, they also support local charities including Bali Mums, who provide support for impoverished mothers & children and donate products to local Balinese orphanages.